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COVID-19 Pandemic

The World Health Organization (WHO) declared COVID-19 a pandemic on March 11, 2020. The COVID-19 pandemic poses significant challenges and the health and economic impact to businesses and financial markets remains uncertain. Our environmental and health and safety experts are working across southern Ontario in partnership with other businesses and experts to help our clients navigate and manage this disruption. As we resume normal activities after flattening the curve, public facilities will need to ensure they are as safe as possible prior to occupant re-entry.

GEPs leading inspection, verification, testing and certification expertise can provide a wide range of services to help ensure that hotels, restaurants, offices, hospitals, cruise ships and other places used by millions of people are suitable for re-occupancy. GEP staff include Environmental and Industrial Hygiene (IH) professionals who can provide consulting services to ensure the efficacy of COVID-19 cleaning protocols, the safety of workers, and the overall suitability of the building for reoccupation.

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Environmental & Occupational Hygiene Services

Fan Coil Unit Inspections
Fan Coil Unit Inspections
FCHs are highly susceptible to becoming contaminated with mould. And distributing spores throughout the living areas. Condominium boards of directors and property managers have the responsibility to address mould issues within fan coil units and can be held accountable should an occupant file a complaint. GEP will complete the required testing to determine risk level to occupants and provide recommendations for safe and effective remediation of contamination.
Fan Coil Unit Mould Inspections Images

Fan Coil Unit Mould Inspections

Fan Coil Unit Mould Inspections

Five common home asbestos related spots

Grande Environmental contributes to Globe and Mail’s weekend piece about asbestos and the dangers of exposure. Examples of asbestos-containing materials which can be found in a Toronto home built in the 1950's.


Dino is excellent at providing a spectrum of solutions while outlining the different costs, capabilities, and limitations. He saw my condo and demonstrated some equipment for measuring and clearing the air. He also sealed some areas in my condo. While talking with him, it was clear to me that he quickly accounts for immediate to short-term considerations, and at the same time comes up with long term solutions as well.

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Canadian Registered Safety Professionals

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